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When COVID-19 was identified, the CCS began considering the impact of the pandemic on its operations including the annual Congress. After thoughtful discussions with CCC’s partners, stakeholders, and leaders, the CCS Executive Council and Congress Task Force Committee made the decision to transition CCC to a Digital congress experience in 2020. With the continuing pandemic and in keeping with public health guidelines, the CCC will be held as a digital event again in 2021– CCC 2021

We felt this was the best and safest course of action for our delegates and the CV community based on public health guidelines.
A digital congress is hosted entirely over the Internet. Delegates are able to participate and view sessions, some live, some pre-recorded, from their computers either from home or their office. In addition, sessions will be recorded and available for up to 12 months after the CCC 2021 is over should delegates purchase the On Demand add-on.
The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress will take place online on October 20 – 23, 2021.
It is much too early to make this decision. The CCS will continue to monitor the path that COVID-19 takes as well as public health guidelines and advisories. When the time comes, we will consult with CCC’s partners, stakeholders, and leaders, the CCS Executive Council and Congress Task Force Committee to make that decision.


Registration for CCC 2021 will open this summer (August) and is 100% online. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard).
There will be two tiers of registration: Early Bird and Regular. One-Day access will also be available.
You may register for Congress online at any time.
To register online, you will need to have your credit card information. If you are a member of a CCC Educational Partners, you will be required to enter your name and email address associated with your membership account.
To register at the member rate, you must be a current member of one of the CCC Educational Partners. Contact the organization directly for more information about membership policies and fees.
You can check your membership status by contacting your educational partner organization. Click here for more information.
A trainee is a specialty or sub-speciality resident or fellow (those recognized by the Royal College) or a research trainee in a doctoral/post-doctoral program.
CCS Members-in-training and Students of CCS can register for the Trainee Program during the online registration process.
Yes. The Canadian Cardiovascular Society Academy's Have a Heart Bursary Program is designed to introduce promising young Canadian medical students, post-graduate trainees and basic scientists-in-training to the cardiovascular sciences (clinical and basic sciences) to encourage a strong Canadian cardiovascular community. Applicants should be committed to a future career in Canada. Click here to learn more.
Yes. International delegates are welcome to register and attend CCC 2021.
Yes. All presenters, chairs, invited speakers, workshop presenters, e-poster presenters must pay and register to attend CCC 2021. Non-registered presenters and/or presenters who have not paid to attend, shall not be permitted to access the session(s) at which they are scheduled to present. 
Your card may be rejected if the address verification you are entering is NOT your billing address. The address you enter must match exactly what is printed on your credit card statement. Your card may also not be accepted if you have made more than five transactions within a 24-hour period. You are NOT registered if your credit card was not accepted. If you leave the site, your information is not saved. Some banks may block certain types of online purchases for security reasons. Should your transaction decline after several attempts, it is recommended to contact your bank immediately as they should be able to unblock it. 

If you have any difficulty, contact the CCC Secretariat for assistance 1-833-511-3858 (Toll Free: Canada/US)
Since you will be paying a Canadian institution, please call your bank or credit card company BEFORE your register and verify that you are authorized to make this payment online. You are NOT registered if your credit card was not accepted. If you leave the site, your information is not saved.
Please send your modification request to the CCC Secretariat at
All presentations will be recorded so you will be able to access those sessions up to 12 months after the event. We encourage you to purchase the On-Demand pass.
Refunds less a $50 administration fee (plus tax) will be issued for registration cancellations or registration category adjustments if received in writing by the CCC Secretariat at no later than Monday, September 20, 2021. Refunds will not be issued after September 21, 2021.
Delegates will receive a confirmation email once registration is complete. Log-in information will be sent separately closer to Congress dates with instructions on how to best prepare for your digital experience. Please be sure to test your system prior to the start of Congress.
No. Your log-in information is unique to your registration and therefore can only be accessed by one user.
Yes. If you are a journalist, you can request accreditation. This will give you access to all the scientific sessions. Please contact Danielle Cote at


The digital program will be delivered using multiple formats, from pre-recorded sessions, and live-streamed sessions, to collaborative breakouts. In addition, delegates will be able to network and interact at every session using the Q&A and polling features.
To participate, you need access to a device (tablet, laptop or desktop computer), an Internet connection, and web browser. For the best viewing experience, we recommend you join the conference using a supported internet browser, which includes Google Chrome, Firefox, and/or Safari. We suggest not using your mobile devices to participate as there will be limitations in what you can view.
A broadband connection (cable, DSL, T-1, etc.) will be required to participate. A hard-wired internet connection (an ethernet cable that connects your computer to the router/modem) may work better for streaming videos than a wireless connection. Test your systems here.
You can view pre-recorded content on your mobile devices but participating in live sessions are best viewed on a desktop/laptop. Please ensure to test your systems before the Congress to ensure functionality. Test your systems here.
All sessions that are streamed live will follow the Eastern Time Zone. Convert to your local time here.
All the live sessions will be available for viewing after the live stream if you have the On-Demand pass as it includes the post-Congress recordings. We encourage non-member delegates to upgrade their experience, so they have access to all the sessions. Most sessions will be available for 11 months post event.
Yes, delegates can attend any session they would like during CCC 2021 Delegates can browse e-posters or exhibits while listening to a session.
Delegates will be able to ask questions during sessions. They can do so using the Q&A feature on their screens. The moderator will remind delegates how and when they can do so.
Yes, there are plenty of networking opportunities during CCC 2021. Delegates can interact in a variety of ways, such as: text chats, video chats, group collaboration discussions.
Yes, most live sessions will be recorded and stored on the platform to view up to 11 months after CCC 2021 if you have purchased the On-Demand add-on. You can log back into your registration anytime to purchase.
On the CCC 2021 platform, there are areas dedicated to exhibitors and sponsors on the left-hand side menu. You can find a list of our exhibitors here.
To request accommodation or for inquiries about accessibility, please contact
If you are experiencing technical difficulty, please contact 410-638-9239 (9am – 9pm ET) or


All the information you need to become an exhibitor can be found in the Invitation to Invest including all necessary applications forms and deadlines. To book your booth online, please visit here.

All the information you need to become a sponsor can be found in the Invitation to Invest, including all necessary applications forms and deadlines.

Supporting a digital conference, you have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, inform, educate, influence and impact delegates. Your support is online via our virtual event platform and can be presented in many different forms. All information you need to support CCC 2021 can be found in the Invitation to Invest, including all necessary application forms and deadlines.
As a sponsor or an exhibitor, there are many ways to engage with congress delegates - such as: text chats, video chats, and networking sessions. Sponsors and exhibitors will have the opportunity to interact during educational sessions, wellness breaks, happy hours, video chats and more. All information you need to support CCC 2021 can be found in the Invitation to Invest, including all necessary application forms and deadlines.

To discuss opportunities to invest, please contact: Shauna Almas, CCS Director of Development via email or via phone 1-877-569-3407 ext. 431 / 613-569-3407 ext. 431


CCC is accredited for 18.75 Royal College MOC Section 1 credits and MOC Section 3 credits. The certificate of attendance reflects the total number of CME credits for all of CCC 2021, including accredited symposia. After CCC 2021, you may record your learning and outcomes to the Royal College through their MAINPORT system. Nurses attending the Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN) Scientific Program may claim it as a Continuous Learning (CL) activity towards renewal of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) certificate credential if it is related to their nursing specialty. Participants are responsible for obtaining a CCCN certificate of attendance as a confirmation of the CL activity, which will be available on the CCC website.
At the end of each session, you will be asked to complete an evaluation to track your Section 1 credits. At the end of Congress, you will be asked to complete an overall evaluation. Once you have completed this evaluation, your certificate of attendance will be sent. The overall certificate will also have a list of your attended sessions.
Yes, e-posters will be included and available for viewing during CCC 2021.
Due to the scope, format, and staffing needs of Congress, unfortunately we cannot offer volunteer opportunities. We genuinely appreciate your interest in supporting CCC.
All Congress related inquiries should be directed to the Congress Secretariat via e-mail at or via phone at 1-833-511-3858 (Toll Free: Canada/US)
Yes, e-posters will be included and available for viewing during CCC 2021.

For speaker/presenter-related questions, please visit our Speaker’s Resources page for more information.

In the event we have not answered your questions, please contact us at the email addresses listed below.

General inquiries:
CCS Membership:
Media Accreditation: