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Welcome to the ALA 2021 Midwinter Virtual Meeting Scheduler

Discover and learn more about sessions and events
*All times are listed in the Central Time Zone*

  • View all sessions, events, and speakers by browsing or searching. Terms you can use to filter your search include subject, library type, meeting type, ALA unit, date, and time.

  • Click on any listing for more information on that item.

  • Check back often for updates and additions. On Demand content will become available Saturday, January 23, 2021. 

Getting Started

  • You must be a registered attendee to add sessions to your schedule. Click here to register now.

  • Login using your registration email address and registration number included in your confirmation email.

  • Use the left side menu to view the session lists and click the listing for more information on the session.

  • Add sessions to your scheduler by clicking the star symbol on the session page

  • Add Personal Appointments to your scheduler using 00/00/0000 format for the date

  • Check back often for updates and additions to the schedule

Share your feedback

Please let us know what works, what you think is missing, and what we need to keep improving. To share your feedback, just click on the “Send Feedback” button below. Thanks for helping us make the scheduler the best it can be.