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Annual Conference FAQs

Q: How do I log in?
A: Click "Login" on the right of the dark purple, top banner (next to the Search Bar). Enter the email address you used to register and your registration number from your confirmation email. 

Q: How do I add sessions and meetings to My Schedule?
A: You must first be logged in. Click the star that appears to the right of the title in the session list. Click "My Schedule" on the left navigation menu to view your schedule. You can also view your schedule by clicking on the "My Experience" tile.

Q: I added sessions to My Schedule, why is my name not showing on the session Attendee list?
A: You will need to adjust your privacy settings under your conference profile. Click on “My Conference Profile” and click the "Save and Continue" button to the "Networking" tab. Click the box next to the question: Share your favorites with other attendees? and click "Save and Finish." Your name will now appear in all Attendee lists for sessions listed in My Schedule. 

Q: How will I access the sessions and meetings?
A: All sessions, meetings, and discussion groups will be accessed by clicking a button on the session description page. All buttons will become available to attendees once the event starts.  No emails will be sent with direct links to any sessions or meetings.

Q: How do I access sessions or meetings saved in My Schedule?
A: Click the title link to bring up the detailed presentation page and click the button to access the session.

Q: What is the Live Stream Channel?
A: This channel features sessions that are streaming live throughout each of the event days.

Q: How do I watch the Live Stream Channel?
A: Click the Live Stream Channel tile on the main screen and the video will appear. You can also click the Live Stream Schedule left navigation menu item, click on the current streaming presentation, click the Livestream button, and the video will appear.

Q: What if I miss a session that was streaming on the Live Stream Channel? Can I watch it later?
A: Yes. All Live Stream Sessions will be available On-Demand after playing on the Live Stream channel. Click the On-Demand button on the presenation page to watch. 

Q: How do I join a Discussion Group, Committee Meeting, or Event?
A: Click the Discussion Group or Meetings & Events tile on the main screen, click on a session title, and click the button at the top labeled Join Meeting. 

Q: What are On-Demand Sessions?
A: These are sessions that will be released for viewing on Thursday, June 24th. They will be available for viewing at any time after that.

Q: How do I watch On-Demand Sessions?
A: Click the On-Demand Sessions tile on the main screen, click on a program title, and click the button at the top labled On Demand Video.

Q: Do all LIVE sessions have a Q&A or Discussion feature?
A: The Live Education Programs will have live Q&A the last 10-15 minutes of the presentation. The main Live Stream Channel will have a Discussion comment section for participant engagement. 

Q: Do all On-Demand sessions have a Q&A or Discussion feature?
A: On-Demand education programs and News You Can Use sessions will have a Q&A and Discussion feature. 

Q: How do I participate in On-Demand session Q&A?
A: Click the "Ask a Question" button that appears in the chat feature to the right of the program video. Type your question and click "Submit". You will recive a notification in the "My Questions" section of the "My Experience" page when your question has been answered. 

Q: Will other attendees be able to see my submitted question or comment?
A: Yes. Submitted questions, answers, and comments will be visible to all participants.

Q: What is the My Experience page? 
The My Experience page can be used to create your personalized conference experience. It can be accessed from the tile on the main screen or by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the top banner. 

Q: How can I network with other attendees?
Click the Networking square on the My Experience page. Browse the full list of conference attendees and message those who have opted into the networking feature. Click the name of the person you wish to message, click Message Board, and send them a message. You will receive a notification in the Networking square when you have a new message. You will also recieive an email. 

Q: How long will the Annual Conference content be available?
A: Most of the content will be available for one year after the event ends.