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Lick Sleeve

The Lick Sleeve is a sleeve that shields your dog’s injured hind leg from destructive licking and scratching, and debris such as dirt and mud. It’s a form-fitting cover for your dog’s rear leg, with a comfortable design for stress-free recovery. This leg sleeve for dogs is the brainchild of veterinary surgeon Dr. David Allman, DVM, DACVS-SA. His frustration with the “cone of shame” and other protective solutions led to the Lick Sleeve. Dr. Allman designed the sleeve to help raise compliance rates during recovery — in fact, pet owners tend to keep it on three times longer than the cone. The Lick Sleeve doesn’t just make your fur baby comfortable. It’s also versatile, with a design perfect for medium to large breed dogs. Plus, our protective dog sleeve is made out of sturdy fabric. You won’t have to worry about taking your furry friend outside, as the material can endure harsh conditions. Ditch the cone. Let your dog heal safely and in style with the Lick Sleeve.


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