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Biomatcan Ltd

S-VETOSS is a next generation bone grafting biomaterial that is clinically proven to be a reliable alternative for cancellous autograft. It is biocompatible, osteoconductive, osteoinductive and acquires osteogenic properties in the host site. S-VETOSS unique composition and structure provide a dynamic balance between the graft resorption and preservation of volume (3D bioscaffold) for optimal host bone remodeling. Like the trabecular structure of natural bone, S-VETOSS interconnected macropores are ideal for vascularization, hosting growth factors and bone progenitor cells that differentiate and grow new bone tissue within the defect as it resorbs over time and leaves behind 100% native new bone. The hydrophilic bioscaffold of S-VETOSS has a large nano-porosity network that enhances the capillary effect of the bone graft. S-VETOSS easily absorbs the patient’s blood and physiological fluids to form a cohesive mass of bone implant (paste-like), which is easily applied to the implant site.

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