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Connect with colleagues, friends, presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors through ACE 2021!

The virtual conference platform has great networking capabilities to help you connect with other attendees, presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors!  

  • Set up your profile and add a photo, professional details, and ribbons and agree to share with others in this secure platform. You can choose your favorite sessions and exhibitors and see other attendees who have chosen to favorite them as well. 
  • You can reach out to send a text chat to other attendees sharing their profiles and they are notified by email and on their My Experience page that they have a message. You can even set up a video chat in your own room. 
  • Use the Q & A and Discussion features for on-demand sessions, panels, and presentations to connect with the authors. Q & A will be turned on for the live sessions after the recordings are posted so you can interact with them if you missed the live session. 

See the User's Guide to help you learn about all of the ways to find information and connect with others.

If you're having technical difficulties or are not too confident about your set up, you can test your system and review the troubleshooting and Tech Tips Guide provided by Cadmium CD. 

Networking events include: