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General Information

UPDATED December 18, 2020:  As the release of the first vaccine for COVID-19 this week indicates a promising future for gathering together, the recent surge in infection rates and the uncertainty of when gathering will be safe, AATOD has concluded that we need to plan for an all-virtual conference event rather than a hybrid model to protect the health of conference participants and stabilize our ability to plan for an effective and content rich conference experience. Rest assured, as we transition to an all-virtual conference, AATOD will continue to provide the world’s premier training and education event for the treatment of opioid use disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for your reference. Please click here to view. We are committed to updating the FAQ as necessary.


The American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence works with federal and state agency officials concerning opioid treatment policy throughout the United States. We also work with our partner, the World Federation for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, with regard to international initiatives and working with designated agencies within the United Nations.

About the Conference

The 2021 American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc. (AATOD) Conference will be held virtually, April 10-14, 2021. The 2021 conference theme, “Forging Partnerships to Improve the Quality of Care” highlights the issues and challenges of medication assisted treatment in the context of the current opioid use/abuse epidemic.

Our intent is to educate and promote acceptance and integration of MAT options by patients, families, clinicians, the medical system, judicial systems, government, policy makers, social service administrations, and the general public. We will disseminate innovative, evidence-based initiatives and treatment techniques to better serve patients and providers, improve program development and administration, promote integration across the continuum of care, and enhance patient outcomes to assist communities in developing an effective response to this crisis.

Conference Objectives

  • To discuss the latest research and regulatory developments relevant to the field of medication assisted treatment and critically evaluate the implications in managing the opioid epidemic;
  • To disseminate innovative and evidence-based initiatives designed to increase access to services, improve program development and administration, and enhance patient outcomes;
  • To strategize approaches to promote, support, facilitate, and integrate medication assisted treatment into the judicial and penal systems, government, social service organizations, and mainstream medicine;
  • To identify and promote strategies that assist healthcare partnerships and collaborations by advancing understanding and acceptance of medication assisted treatment as a crucial element to community wellness and response to the opioid epidemic; and
  • To address and refute misinformation and stigma and promote acceptance of comprehensive medication assisted treatment throughout the continuum of care.

The AATOD Conference is the largest gathering of the opioid treatment community. This conference brings innovative people together in a diverse array of forums and workshops. Hot Topic Roundtable discussions, inspirational plenary sessions, tours of programs, and exhibit booths with the latest technologies, science and products that support our work are just a few of the activities that surely stimulated participant discussion, debate and innovative ideas to share with our respective areas of work, our communities, and our treatment programs nationwide.

Continuing Education Credits

Applications to award Continuing Education Credits will be submitted for the following specialties:

  • Addiction Professionals
  • Counseling
  • Nursing
  • Physicians
  • Social Work

Registrants are responsible for confirming that credits earned will be accepted for their specified certification by the appropriate accrediting body. For more information, visit the Continuing Education Credits page.

Volunteer at the Conference

The AATOD Conference would not be successful without the help of it's volunteers. Volunteers are needed for various areas and events, especially during a virtual conference. If you are interested in volunteering at the conference in exchange for some wonderful opportunties, visit our Volunteer Page.