Atos Quantum Learning Machine (Atos QLM)

Atos International SAS

- The Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) is a world-class quantum simulation appliance that helps people to learn and experiment with quantum computers; develop applications and algorithms without the need to wait for quantum hardware devices to be physically available. In 2020, Atos announced its QLM Enhanced – Atos QLM E – the GPU-accelerated version of its QLM. Atos QLM E offers an acceleration up to 12 times to simulate variational algorithms that are particularly well-suited for NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) devices, which will be the first quantum accelerators to be commercialized in the next few years. As part of this ecosystem, myQLM is a quantum programming environment that is both universal and freely accessible through Atos’ website.


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