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The Graphcore IPU-POD64 Reference Design  New Product Icon 


IPU-POD64 is Graphcore's unique solution for massive, disaggregated scale-out enabling high-performance machine intelligence compute to supercomputing scale. The IPU-POD64 builds upon the innovative IPU-M2000 and offers seamless scale-out up to 64,000 IPUs working as one integral whole or as independent subdivided partitions to handle multiple workloads and different users. The IPU-POD64 has 16 IPU-M2000s in a standard rack. IPU-PODs communicate with near-zero latency using our unique IPU-Fabric™ interconnect architecture. IPU-Fabric has been specifically designed to eliminate communication bottlenecks and allow thousands of IPUs to operate on machine intelligence workloads as a single, high-performance and ultra-fast cohesive unit.


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