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PanFS with Dynamic Data Acceleration on ActiveStor Ultra New Product Icon 


Predictable and Consistent High-Performance Storage

You need a consistently fast, total-performance HPC storage solution that automatically adapts to the changing files sizes and mixed workloads that dominate today’s HPC and AI landscape. You are ready for the PanFS parallel file system with Dynamic Data Acceleration.

We have taken the complexity and manual intervention out of tiered HPC storage systems by seamlessly maximizing the efficiency of all media: NVMe SSDs store metadata, low-latency SSDs store small files, and large files are stored on high-bandwidth HDDs to deliver the highest possible performance at the lowest cost. This is delivered without any tuning required by the user.

PanFS is deployed on the ActiveStor Ultra HPC turn-key appliance, delivering the industry's leading price/performance, reliability, and management simplicity.


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