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Indiana University

At Indiana University, we have been at the forefront of technology since launching our research computing division in 1955. In the decades since, we’ve led the way in the fields of HPC, networking, and cybersecurity in a wealth of ways: From 2014 to 2020, IU has earned nearly $14.5M in funding from NSF to build and manage Jetstream and Jetstream2, the U.S. National Science Foundation’s first production science and engineering cloud system. In order to realize our goals, Fred Luddy has stepped forward with $60M investment to jumpstart our transformation, including $23M for a Center for Artificial Intelligence.

· In October 2020, NSF awarded IU nearly $5M to support the TransPAC5 network, extending more than 20 years of collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region.

· The experts at our two security operations centers, ResearchSOC and OmniSOC, work day and night to protect higher education resources and the nation’s greatest research.


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