Gen-Z Micro Development Kit (µDK) New Product Icon 

Gen-Z Consortium

The Gen-Z protocol is designed beyond the boundaries of software-defined or hardware-assisted acceleration framework. Building a low-cost kit resulted from the need to replicate traffic, similar to a Data Center. The μDK is portable and can be hand-carried to desk or lab, and has everything needed to explore the Gen-Z protocol. It can be used by: (1) Hardware engineers to design Gen-Z Host hardware (2) Software developers to develop device drivers and test apps (3) System Architects to evaluate Gen-Z protocol This kit can: • Extend Gen-Z software eco-systems • Offer development of Gen-Z cable hosts with advanced protocol features like collectives, atomics, and buffer operations • Validate and test memory access load/store latencies over Gen-Z fabric • Function as a complete reference design for use case demo purposes • Customize functions as it is built using FPGA components which allow in-field upgrades of firmware and hardware for prototyping

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