Si-Fly™ 112 Gbps PAM4 Low-Profile High-Density Cable System New Product Icon 


The ultra-high density design and on-package direct connect technology of Samtec’s Si-Fly™ cable system enables speeds of 25.6 TB aggregate, with a path to 51.2 TB. The signal channel eludes the BGA, routing directly from the IC package through a long-reach cable offering 5x the reach of traditional PCB topologies. The Si-Fly™ Chip Package Interconnect offers multiple configurations from 1-4 rows. Each row supports 8 pairs per row. the Si-Fly™ Chip Package Interconnect is extremely low profile featuring 3.4 mm height with 2 rows and 6.8 mm height with 4 rows. The Si-Fly™ interconnect can be mounted on the PCB or embedded on the substrate and in the package. ASIC-Adjacent or Mid-Board Latching configuration in early design stages. The BGA attach method supports greater density and optimized trace breakout region.


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