AcceleRate® Mezzanine Strips, Arrays and Cable Assemblies


AcceleRate® HD features high-speed Edge Rate® contacts designed for high-speed (56 Gbps PAM4), high-cycle applications. The surface of the contact is milled creating a smooth mating surface, which reduces wear on the contact increasing durability and cycle life. Also, lower insertion and withdrawal forces allow zippered unmating. AcceleRate® HP 0.635 mm pitch arrays feature 112 Gbps PAM4 extreme performance and a flexible open-pin-field design. AcceleRate® HP offers low-profile 5 mm and up to 10 mm stack heights in up to 400 pin (4x100) designs. It is also data rate capable with PCIe® Gen 5 and 100 GbE. Samtec’s AcceleRate® cable assemblies feature extremely slim 7.6 mm width and Eye Speed® ultra-low skew twinax cables that attach directly to the contacts. Transition cards are eliminated for improved SI. The cable system supports Samtec's Flyover® technology routing signals over lossy PCB, simplifying board layout and extending signal reach.


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