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Penguin Computing On-Demand (POD)

Penguin Computing

For ten years, Penguin Computing On-Demand has provided a platform for researchers, engineers and scientists. Unlike generic cloud service providers, POD is HPC managed my experienced HPC professionals. POD’s team is constantly monitoring system performance so you aren’t just adding HPC resources, you’re extending your HPC staff. Whether your teams are in a traditional office, working remotely, or spread across many facilities, POD is accessible from anywhere. Users can run jobs through a command line interface or the POD web portal, which features a robust VDI solution, Scyld Cloud Workstation. Managers can oversee jobs, core usage, and more to help maximize productivity. You never have to worry about procurement and management expenses when you use POD. Our simple pricing model lets you forecast costs and set usage limits so you are never over budget.

Other product: Scyld Software Suite

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