Multi-node, Realistic Rendering of Large-scale Climate Data using ParaView with Intel® OSPRay and Intel Optane™ Memory Demo

Intel Corporation

A Collaborative effort in advancing HPC climate and weather science with DKRZ (the German weather climate computing center), Max-Plank-Institute for Meteorology, and the German Weather Service and utilization of Kitware's ParaView open source vis analysis software, which uses Intel® OSPRay's volumetric path tracing, executing on an Intel HPC platform including Intel® Optane™ Memory, to show how climate and weather scientists can interact with and utilize large data directly, without compromises or scaling it down, in order to better understand how the earth's climate change impacts weather. Intel HPC platforms with Optane memory are a game changer for interactive exploration and analysis of ever growing data sets, providing scientists ability to see data over time in high visual fidelity delivered by raytracing and path tracing capabilities of Intel® OSPRay.

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