DAOS: Unparalleled Storage Performance using Persistent Memory Demo

Intel Corporation

See the latest development in HPC storage utilizing Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS), Intel® Optane™ PMem and NVMe SSDs. Unlike traditional storage stacks that were primarily designed for rotating media, DAOS is architected from the ground up to make use of new NVM technologies, such as PMem and NVMe SSDs, and it is extremely lightweight because it operates end-to-end in user space. DAOS offers a shift away from an I/O model designed for block-based, high-latency storage to one that inherently supports fine-grained data access and unlocks the performance of next generation storage technologies. The demo shows DAOS performing IO500 workloads in action compared side by side with sizable Lustre installation on Intel Endeavour cluster.

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