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The TeamConnect application serves as a collaboration bridge that enables government agencies and private sector organizations to communicate with each other and share real-time information in situations where they otherwise have no communications network in common. TeamConnect is a cloud-based server that distributes information to users in the field primarily through an application that is easily downloaded onto their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. TeamConnect enables individuals to share their GPS location details in real time with other personnel. In addition, the server transmits diverse information such as text, photos, documents, videos, maps, and GPS coordinates. A TeamConnect administrator can add users and form groups in minutes via a web-based dashboard. The administrator can manage participation levels of individuals and organizations, restricting information access and direction if needed.The secure TeamConnect server resides in the AWS GovCloud and is maintained by PAR Government, eliminating the need for an end user to invest in system hardware or hire a system manager. For clients with cloud computing restrictions, TeamConnect can be deployed as an on premises server option. The TeamConnect On The Go (OTG) app may be downloaded by end users for free from the Google Play Store.


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