FirstNet Authority Roadmap

First Responder Network Authority

The FirstNet Authority developed the Roadmap based on public safety’s feedback and input. We engaged with public safety representatives from urban, rural, island, and tribal areas throughout the country. We also conducted targeted industry engagements and market research to capture technology trends. Using their input, the FirstNet Authority built the Roadmap around six “domains” that reflect the most important communications capabilities for their mission. The Roadmap is a living plan that will continue to guide the future of FirstNet. We will follow the priorities outlined in the Roadmap to ensure that our programs, activities, and investments deliver the communications tools that first responders need to save lives and protect communities. And we will continue our engagements with the public safety community on these priorities to develop a deep and shared understanding of their evolving operational needs and it charts a course for ensuring the delivery of a dedicated and differentiated broadband communications experience.

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