Traffic Incident Management: Incident Command & Management

CVVFA Emergency Responder Safety Institute

This module discusses the use of the Incident Command System (ICS) to manage the response to a roadway incident, both in the context of the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team and in the context of implementation at the incident scene. This module does not teach the incident command system; that is done well elsewhere (see the Resources page for links). This module provides guidance on what TIM Teams should consider when making policy and procedure decisions about how the Incident Command System is implemented at temporary traffic control zones. The module also discusses key issues in implementing ICS policy and procedures on the ground at a roadway incident scene given the particularities of that environment. The module provides guidance and tools for leaders to take the first steps in re-thinking how incident command functions at a roadway emergency response and implementing a smoother, clearer, better functioning IC system at the scene. Finally, the module helps “boots on the ground” responders understand their role in the incident command system.

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