Who’s In Charge at Roadway Incident Scenes?

CVVFA Emergency Responder Safety Institute

This self-paced program examines the question, "Who's In Charge at Roadway Incidents?" For many years, this question has been at the center of unfortunate on-scene confrontations between roadway responders, confrontations that have even resulted in physical altercations and arrests. Effective, efficient, safe roadway incident response requires communication, cooperation, and coordination between different responder groups — groups with their own organizational structure, SOPs, language, and culture. Getting these groups to mesh effectively can require overcoming barriers and misunderstandings, and many times those issues center on the question of who is in charge. In this self-paced program, we examine this question and present some key actions and attitudes with regard to command that maintain respect for statutory mandates, on-scene realities, and a focus on serving the public.

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