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Fire Station Alerting requires a coordinated approach to communications across dispatch and field response teams which improves efficiency and situational awareness. From multi-channel notifications and critical information dissemination to and from dispatch, to the automation of critical sequential station operations, MAX Fire Station Alerting delivers a comprehensive solution for emergency services to quickly get help where it’s needed while making first responders more informed when they get there. Simply put, responding faster and arriving smarter saves time, and more importantly, lives. Core Product Features CAD Integration – Utilize the CAD API to activate core control alerting functions automatically, manage station apparatus availability, and activate schemes based on the time of day or size of the incident. Multiple Audio Paths – Dynamic alerting communication options for single or multiple fire stations simultaneously through VoIP, radio, or both. Combined Dispatching & Fire Alerting – Deployable standalone and/or in conjunction with MAX or third-party dispatch systems save space and promote ease of access/use for dispatchers. System Uptime – Configurable with various levels of redundancy based on need, including dual network connections and hot standby for automatic failover in the event of a hardware failure. Secure Two-way Radio – The intercom support option provides direct two-way audio between the fire team and dispatchers. Remote Management of Station Peripherals – Dispatch monitors the status of fire station units and facility controls, including station lighting, doors, appliances, alarm sensor inputs, and hundreds of other Aux I/O devices. Stacked Actions – Create and save simple to complex operational action plans that automate the execution of multiple consecutive commands as part of a standard/routine emergency alert and response sequence. Trusted Fire Station Alerting Software MAX Fire Station Alerting is purpose-built on 40 years of Zetron’s trusted and proven experience as a mission critical solutions leader and is designed specifically to meet the extraordinary demands of modern fire departments of all types and sizes. The robust alerting, acknowledgment, automation, and auxiliary I/O capabilities offered in MAX Fire Station Alerting provide an efficient, flexible, and configurable communications solution that helps emergency services respond faster and arrive smarter. For more information on features and functionality,


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