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Bauer Compressors, Inc. has always been the industry leader, known for reinvesting and reinventing itself to constantly bring you the latest high pressure breathing air technology. The Unicus 4S is a modern upgrade to the previous Unicus packages with the simplicity of analog controls; Aesthetically pleasing yet robust design. The system is available in either 5000, 6000 or even 7000 psig maximum operating pressure BAUER air-cooled compressor with discharge capacities ranging from 13 SCFM charge rate to 26 scfm charge rate. Unsurpassed maintenance accessibility abounds as we have provided all access doors with Snap pin technology – pull the pin and lift the door, no hand tools are required. Should you require accessibility to the back of the operations panel, no problem, we have your back, the panel tilts forward! All cabinet panels are equipped with sound attenuated material. An integral rack built to accommodate four (4) storage cylinders is standard, along with the piping. Additionally, we provide two (2)ASME coded air storage cylinders as a part of the standard scope of supply. The operations panel is well equipped including four (4) bank dual function cascade controls, a 7” HMI for systems operations and monitoring, an air direction valve to select the SCBA filling air source of supply, inlet and regulated air pressure gauges, adjustable 0 to 6000 psig pressure reducing regulator and independent fill valves and gauges for each SCBA fill position. The panel also incorporates our unique airflow schematic embedded within a Lexan overlay. The Unicus 4i is a game-changing filling station employing our operations panel-mounted state-of-the-art control system. At the heart of the control system is a 15-inch HMI touch-screen interface, which allows the operator to manage the entire compressor system from the single-point touch screen. Within an easy keystroke are all compressor system functions, fill station attributes including fill pressure and speed. Automatic cascade controls are also standard eliminating the need for additional panel mounted pressure gauges and control valves. Many optional enhancements allow you to tailor the system best suited to your needs. Options include BAUER Gas-Tek™ gas monitoring system utilizing state-of-the-art gas sensor technology with real-time assessment of breathing air quality to assure safety. Trace elements of CO and other harmful gases in excess of preset limits will force the compressor to shut off and display an alarm on the HMI touch screen. The HMI will also automatically prompt a quarterly system calibration in accordance with NFPA guidelines. The optional Lab On Locale 2™ facilitates real-time sampling of the compressed air and transmits the readings via internet uplink to an accredited third-party lab to satisfy quarterly air sample testing/reporting as prescribed by NFPA 1989. A game-changing RFID Reader (Data-Logging Interface) automatically reads and records data from the RFID equipped SCBA cylinders. Simply set the cylinder in one of three (3) fill positions and the scanner antenna will automatically provide the date/location/pressure/person of the last fill along with serial number; NFPA 1989 DATA COLLECTION MADE EASY!

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