Night Scan


The Will-Burt Company’s Night Scan line of mobile light towers offer vertical and fold down roof-mounted options, our fully integrated telescopic masts elevate lights, cameras and other critical payloads. . • LED lighting packages with all DC operation so no generator or inverter is required • 360° illumination of the entire scene with the Night Scan Powerlite and Vertical • Up to 220,000 lumens that can light up more than a football field • One button deploy and stow function • Night Scan roof-mounted fold-down light towers that can now extend up to 25 feet • Vertical-mounted light towers that can extend up to 30 feet • Fully integrated camera packages available for all masts • Accessories available to enhance the safety and security at the rescue scene Elevated illumination is a key factor for safety and productivity at an emergency scene. Night Scan delivers lighting solutions that enhance performance and increase sight range for the safety crew on the ground.

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