New World Computer Aided Dispatch & Fire Records Management

Tyler Technologies

With New World Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) from Tyler Technologies, dispatchers and fire personnel receive the tools and information necessary for safe and quick decision making. Our solution streamlines dispatching activities for fire, emergency medical services, and law enforcement. New World CAD provides built-in pre-plans, proximity alerts for hazards, hazmat alerts, and police information instantaneously. Firefighters remain safe on the scene with increased situational awareness. Tyler Technologies’ New World Fire Records Management System (RMS) provides the information necessary to efficiently respond to incidents, allocate resources, enhance investigations and improve reporting. Fire RMS also provides personnel with automated tasks associated with fire prevention including inspections, equipment and fleet management as well as training. Through Fire RMS, firefighter safety increases as pre-plans are maintained. Fire RMS provides quick access to building and business information such as fire extinguisher location, safety procedures, building factors and more.

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