Magna Systems


Nederman Magna Systems is a high capacity electromagnetic smooth release system to effectively capture diesel exhaust fumes at the source and designed for vehicles in motion. Accommodating exit speeds up to 15mph and low or high tailpipe height, Nederman can design a diesel exhaust removal system to meet your exact needs and requirements. The exhaust hoses are designed for optimal fume extraction capability. The 6 ¼” hose allows for airflow with low pressure drop, allowing the fan to operate with optimal efficiency. This allows for smaller fan sizing resulting in lower operating costs and less fan noise. Magna has a smooth release which eliminates the swinging motion or slingshot effect. Magna prevents tension build-up for a smooth and safe nozzle release lowering the risk of damage to nearby staff, vehicle or the building. Our electromagnet grip reliably holds the nozzle in place and reliably releases immediately on exit for the fastest exit on the market. Magna has an ergonomic nozzle attachment. The operator avoids bending down and breathing residual exhaust fumes while attaching the nozzle to the exhaust pipe. The hose is conveniently guided into position using the grip ad is held in place by the electromagnet. The oversized nozzle end extracts 100 percent of the exhaust fumes and simultaneously draws in ambient air for cooling. This makes Magna Systems perfect for modern engines generating very high exhaust temperatures. The nozzle also extracts residual emissions that may leak from the tailpipe system. Magna is a system that has no hoses coiled in loops or trailing behind. Space is saved between vehicles and the risk of hose swing or drag is greatly reduced. A great advantage in small bays. The vertical hoses are unobtrusive, important when the alarm sounds.


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