Life Scan Wellness Centers Public Safety Physicals

Life Scan Wellness Centers

The Life Scan public safety physical is an integrated medical approach to occupational exams that combines NFPA 1582 physicals, NFPA 1583/Wellness Fitness Initiative fitness evaluations, and OSHA 1910.134 Respirator Medical Clearance and Mask Fit Testing with advanced medical assessments for the early detection of the major diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and aneurysms before they reach a catastrophic level. It provides your employees with a thorough assessment of their health as well as recommendations for achieving and maintaining long term health and managing medical risks. Each Life Scan physical exam follows the guidelines of NFPA 1582, OSHA, and the IAFF/IAFC Health and Wellness Initiative and yet has the added-value benefit of ultrasound imaging assessments of the internal organs and cardiovascular system, more extensive laboratory blood profiles, diet and nutritional analysis, a state-of-the-art fitness evaluation, and a personalized wellness plan.


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