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VIRTUAL TESTING REPLACES IN-PERSON TESTING IN THE TIME OF COVID: YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK! ENTRANCE EXAMS ESCI/Fields now offers the exam in virtual format that can be taken from any location as long as the applicant has the following: 1) Ability to use a PC or Mac with a video-cam and microphone 2) Good internet connection 3) Working power source 4) A private room or a quiet room with a headset Test is $50/applicant; client only pays for the number of tests administered. This includes an orientation and sample questions. Live proctoring not required – the entrance exam is a judgment test; applicants can’t look up answers in a book. Automated Proctoring is built into the test - since the exam is a judgment test, cheating is not beneficial but if an applicant tries to cheat, his/her behavior will be captured (e.g., looking at an iPhone, talking to another person in the room) and his/her test will not be accepted. Most people have or can get access to a computer; the no longer have to travel to your location. (Some applicants may have to borrow a computer, go to a library, etc.) Time to administer is cut dramatically. No staff required to administer (unless live proctoring is desired). No facilities required to administer the test. Scoring is immediate. The test provides competency scores which help with analyzing applicants before an offer of employment is given.The test is modern and is likely to replace past testing practices. Test results can be analyzed immediately and client can request changes to test if insufficient diversity hired. Test results can be analyzed immediately and client can request changes to test if job performance of hired applicants is insufficient in certain competency areas. Test is easily modified as client needs may change. PROMOTIONAL EXAMS ESCI also offers promotional exams, administered on a computer, for all ranks in the fire service. For promotional exams, live proctoring is recommended so candidates must go to a socially distanced location with a computer and internet connection to take the test. As an option, a live proctor can be assigned to watch up to 50 candidates on a computer screen. This option eliminates the ability to cheat since candidates are being watched and the proctor can actually speak to candidates during the test and direct them to look at their screen or to put down something if they are holding something. The problem with this option is that candidates can attempt, unsuccessfully, to cheat. This may cause a perception problem which, not true, would be difficult to combat. Therefore, ESCI strongly recommends computerized in-person testing with a live proctor present in the room. This test is $100/applicant.

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