CordicoFire Wellness App


Cordico is the world leader in wellness technology for firefighters, providing trusted, confidential, 24/7 proactive and preventative wellness support specially developed for firefighters serving in the most demanding and critical roles. Our customized, continuously updated wellness platform solutions provide handheld access to anonymous self-assessments, peer support, instructional videos, geo-mapping of vetted therapists, one-touch calling, and on-demand tools targeting alcohol abuse, anger management, anxiety, behavioral health, brain health and cognitive strength, burnout, childhood adversity, compassion fatigue, COVID-19 resources, critical incidents, depression, emotional health and survival, family support, financial fitness, goal-setting and achievement, grief and loss, healthy habits, heart health, injury prevention, intrusive traumatic images, major life events, marital guidance, mental toughness, mindfulness, nutrition, panic attacks, parenting tips, peak performance, physical fitness, physical therapist videos, post-traumatic stress, relationship success, resilience, sleep optimization, stress management, substance abuse, trauma, suicide risk and prevention, work-life balance, YFFR Yoga for First Responders® videos, and much more.


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