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VibeTech has taken what it learned from the treatment of thousands of patients and turned it into its smartest device yet, the VibeSit™PRO. The VibeSit™PRO is VibeTech’s answer to the call to reduce falls in the highest risk older adults. It activates the muscles throughout the legs using safe and effective, patient-specific (Smart Dosing™) therapeutic vibration. Treatment is delivered through a footplate to a wheelchair user or other user without the need for a transfer and with-or-without effort from the patient. This portable device can be disinfected and brought to individual patient rooms or it can be placed in a rehab gym or other common space to boost strength and function while reducing pain in the lower extremities. It is intended for rehabilitative, restorative, and preventative care purposes. Treatments with VibeTech’s technology are safe, effective, accessible, and reimbursable, and they have been shown to reduce falls, boost strength, elevate mood, and reduce pain in memory care residents who are twice as likely to fall as other nursing home residents. Unlike electrical stimulation, therapeutic vibration does not impart electricity into the body. Rather, it replicates minute mechanical signaling that occurs every time a step is taken as well as every time the muscles contract. When taking steps and performing physical activity is difficult or impossible due to physical or cognitive decline, the VibeSit™PRO enables the user to rapidly progress, reversing the effects of dysmobility to reduce the risk of falls and fall-related injuries. Results presented at ACRM2019 demonstrated that VibeTech’s technology resulted in 45% fewer falls, a 3X gain in leg strength, and a 20% immediate increase in strength, 32% gain in range of motion and 66% less pain after each treatment. Learn about these results and the populations they have benefited as well as hearing about the future of home healthcare and telemedicine during our symposium at ACRM2020. Also, do not miss the opportunity to stop by our booth for the unveiling of the VibeSit™PRO at this incredible conference.


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