Vector Gait & Safety System


Falling is the #1 risk of injury during treatment and can impede the rehabilitation process by causing loss of confidence, anxiety, activity restriction, and injury. The Vector System offers a safe environment for patients and clinicians to rehabilitate and practice walking with confidence. By setting fall limits and allowing patients to experience how it feels to be caught by the Vector, they gain confidence to attempt more challenging activities. Without having to worry about patient safety, clinicians can focus on creating a challenging and individually customized training program. Intuitive Body Weight Support redefines the rehab experience for both patients and clinicians. Key features include - 500 lbs patient weight capacity, Active Body Control Fall Protection, and Standardized Outcomes. Designed for both physical and occupational therapy, the Vector System provides a safe environment and real-world experience for adult and pediatric patients recovering from stroke, amputations, and orthopedic, brain and spinal cord injuries.

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