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H200 Wireless


The H200 Wireless System uses functional electrical stimulation (FES) can restore upper extremity function by activating the nerves that control the muscles in the hand and forearm. The H200 Wireless System is used by patients to perform therapeutic and task specific activities to improve lost hand function as a result of: • Stroke • Traumatic Brain Injury • Spinal Cord Injury The H200 Wireless has two main components: the functional stimulation (orthosis) and the wireless control unit and is intended to: • Improve active hand range of motion • Re-educate muscles to function without the system • Reduce muscle spasms • Increase local blood circulation • Prevent muscle loss (atrophy) The H200 Wireless System includes functional training and neuroprosthesis programs such as grasp and release and open hand, and motor neuromodulation programs as well as personal customizable programs for your specific needs to help reach your rehabilitation goals. View the H200 Wireless System Video Playlist here:

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