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L300 Go System


The L300 Go is the world’s first Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system that integrates smart 3D motion detection and multi-channel stimulation. Through an adaptive, learning algorithm, the L300 Go detects gait events, providing stimulation precisely when needed making it easier for users to clear their foot at varying walking speeds, on stairs, ramps, and while navigating uneven terrain. The L300 Go is capable of producing measurable mobility improvements for patients with foot drop and/or knee instability caused by an upper motor neuron disease or injury such as: • Stroke • Multiple Sclerosis • Cerebral Palsy • Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury • Traumatic Brain Injury Learn how the L300 Go can provide a superior standard of care and improve clinical outcomes. The L300 Go System may also: • Promote neuroplasticity • Facilitate muscle re-education • Prevent/retard disuse atrophy • Maintain or increase joint range of motion • Increase local blood flow View the L300 Go System Video Playlist here:

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