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EsoGLOVE is a soft robotic hand rehabilitation system for patients with neurological disorders and injuries. The soft actuators embedded in the glove are flexible and compliant in nature, which do not restrict the finger joint movements for increased comfort during use. The patient’s arm is not restricted; therefore, it can be freely moved in space during therapy. EsoGLOVE™ allows passive mobilization and active-assisted exercises, accompanied by real time 3D representation on screen and functional tasks training with real objects. The simultaneous visual effects and proprioceptive feedback (feeling and seeing hand and arm movements) are associated to stimulate the patient’s neuroplasticity. Below are the advantages to customers (1) To hospitals and rehabilitation centres: EsoGLOVE can provide higher intensity and repetition (240-360 reps/session) compared to human-assisted therapy (<200 reps/session), thus improves productivity. At the same time, EsoGLOVE offers more portability (<1.5kg), less space occupation (<1m3) and shorter set-up time (<3min) (2) To patients: it can enable patients to perform functional tasks and motivate them to continue therapy. It can be used as both rehabilitation device and assistive device. It allows at-home therapy to reduce the inconvenience to family members. Furthermore, it is comfortable and easy to use. We offer rental model for patients to use at home – patients can conduct daily hand therapy for 7 sessions per week at cost of $580 per month (28 sessions per month) compared to only traditional therapies which offer only 3 sessions per week.


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