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National Center of Neuromodulation for Rehabilitation (NC NM4R) and Alliance for Regenerative Rehabilitation Research and Training (AR3T) New Product Icon 

NIH Medical Rehabilitation Research Resource (MR3) Network

THE NATIONAL CENTER OF NEUROMODULATION FOR REHABILITATION (NC NM4R) is a focal point for integrating and developing this still emerging science of neuromodulation, with a specific focus on how to use this knowledge to enhance rehabilitation. NM4R's goal is to increase rehabilitation researchers’ access to neuromodulation approaches and to support rigorous clinical research to translate them into effective, evidence-based rehabilitation interventions. We offer general, didactic training opportunities; specialized, collaborative training opportunities; research funding opportunities via grant awards; conferences providing opportunities to interact with and learn from colleagues in the field. See our brochure below for more information about our center and exciting upcoming events, including our Introductory Workshop in November! Check out our partners at the National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies. ALLIANCE FOR REGENERATIVE REHABILITATION RESEARCH AND TRAINING (AR3T) seeks to develop research collaborations, provides educational opportunities, and funds pilot projects and technology development projects that will benefit the research community. The alliance of our four institutions, comprising over twenty laboratories, is in place to support these efforts. Regenerative medicine focuses on the repair or replacement of tissue lost to injury, disease, or age, primarily via the enhancement of endogenous stem cell function or the transplantation of exogenous stem cells. The focus of rehabilitation science is on the use of mechanical and other stimuli to promote functional recovery. The field of Regenerative Rehabilitation integrates these two approaches, with the ultimate goal of optimizing outcomes. Click on our postcard below for more information and check out our webpage for information about our Symposium on Regenerative Rehabilitation. Don't forget to save our MR3 brochure with information about all six centers and links to our websites!

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