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(SP12A) NAVTA Case Reports I: Rain Maker: Critical Care of the Transgenic Mouse in Hypovolemic Shock & Hemophilia A & Surgery

Tuesday, March 6
8:00 AM - 8:50 AM
MBCC, Palm A, Level 3

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Please join NAVTA for case report presentations followed by awards! During the 8:00a presentations you will enjoy these cases:

  1. Rain Maker: Critical Care of the Transgenic Mouse in Hypovolemic Shock by Larraine Lage, LVT, CVT, RALAT, VTS (ECC)

  2. Case description:
    This case is a 25 day old female intact mouse transgenic model of autism spectrum diagnosis who presented to the veterinary staff with extreme lethargy, hunched posture, and minimal responsiveness. Utilizing critical care skills gained in private small animal practice I was successfully able to treat the mouse for hypovolemic shock and apply supportive care to return the mouse to a full healthful condition as well as support normal growth to a full adult weight. Using critical thinking skills, the silent partner of veterinary critical care, I was able to utilize the history of this strain of mice having this similar decline and high mortality rate and the science of the study for which these mice were bred and successfully link their purpose-bred nature of being neuro-atypical and how best to support these mice through the demanding growth phase to become successful adults. The amount of autonomy and independent thinking I needed to exercise as the primary point of care for this case highlights the benefits and challenges of being a technician in the research setting and shines a light on the extremely important role veterinary technicians play in biomedical research.

  3. Hemophilia A and Surgery by Leah Mackereth, CVT

  4. Case description:
    Rocky, a 7-year-old male castrated golden retriever, presented to Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES) for a mast cell tumor removal on left forelimb. At a year-old Rocky was diagnosed with hemophilia A, the von Willebrand factor (VWF) was normal. There had been no recent history of spontaneous bleeding. Rocky received two treatments of chemotherapy (Vinblastine) to try to reduce the size of the tumor. The tumor decreased in size significantly which qualified him as a surgical candidate. On the day of surgery, Rocky had a CT scan to evaluate margins for surgical planning. A second mast cell tumor was discovered and surgically removed. There was bleeding complication post-operatively and several transfusions were administered. Despite medical intervention Rocky condition deteriorated and owners elected euthanasia.

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Larraine Lage

Veterinary Technician Specialist

Larraine Lage, LVT, RALAT, VTS (ECC) has been heralding change to every job she's held for the past 25+ years. Whether in small animal medicine, exotics, zoos, even biomedical research, Larraine has never understood the concept of status quo. In fact, when presented with status quo, she becomes the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, Change. She believes everything can always be better than what it is. Science based evidence is always forcing us to grow and adapt and we are not doing our field any favors by ignoring what science has to tell us.
Larraine has pretty much worked everywhere and her experience spans anesthesia, internal medicine, emergency/critical care, behavior, medicine, and dabbles in nutrition and exotics. She has a particular interest in infection control and advocating seeing the world through her patients' eyes. Larraine has helped build hospitals from the ground up, managed staff, authored/implemented SOPs and safety protocols facilitated by being a rabid reader of manufacturer inserts. She doesn't claim to know everything but being right is a hobby she takes seriously and spending too much time on PubMed and Google Scholar keeps her skills well honed.


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Leah Mackereth

Assistant Practice Manager and anesthesia technician

Leah Mackereth attended Manor College and graduated with the class of 2005. She has been with Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES) since May 2006. There she developed her passion for anesthesia and pain management. The most rewarding part of Leah’s career has been to alleviate patients’ pain and see them return home with their family. In 2015 she presented her first lecture; “Anesthesia in Patients with Renal Disease” at the CARES Fall Annual continuing education event and has continued to present for the past 2 years. She recently had a case report published in NAVTA Journal which was about extravasation of propofol. As she has continued to grow professionally she was promoted to assistant practice manager of CARES. When she isn’t at CARES, you can find her outside: the beach, kayaking, playing in the snow (skiing, sledding, snowball fights). She loves trying new things! Her human and furry family consists of her husband and two daughters. She also has a Mastiff mix named Murph and a cat named Isis after the Egyptian Goddess.


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(SP12A) NAVTA Case Reports I: Rain Maker: Critical Care of the Transgenic Mouse in Hypovolemic Shock & Hemophilia A & Surgery

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